Christmas Gift Guide: A Very Meggie Christmas

Good news is there are only six more sleeps until the jolly day of Christmas. Bad news is some of you have no presents to lay under the tree, because December just started yesterday and now it seems to have slipped away. Panic not, folks, for I have gathered a special list to wipe the sweat off your upper lip! Whether it’s a friend or family member you’re stuck on, this ten gift countdown will provide some seriously intriguing food for thought. I’ve aimed for a budget-aware spending limit of £20.00 or $30.00 for our US readers. Better get on it, if next-day delivery is what you’re counting on.


10. Luckies’s Scratch Map – £18.95
Scratch-Map-Gallery-04This scratch map is perfect for any travel-crazy friend, who obsessively keeps track of their goals. It’s a project they can continue past the limits of 2016 and as long as there’s a place on Earth to visit. Making a cute detour from traditional pins and sticky notes, this one’s a sure winner for creative household junkies. You can get it here.

9. Marshmallow Toasting Kit – £13.75


The Naked Marshmallow Company is a sleepover companion straight out of heaven. As a part of this gift set you get a choice of two marshmallow bags, which include flavours from the variety of salted caramel, coconut and candy floss. Sit in front of Netflix and dig in, because by golly, it looks absolutely delicious. You can get the Marshmallow toaster here.

8. Sock Monkeys Sewing Kit – £15.00


Looking for an excuse to spend more time with a sibling or best friend? Are you guys into funky crafts and sentimental treasures, or have a weird fetish for monkeys? Then these deserve a special place on this year’s shopping list. They can be found in John Lewis, where the magic of any festive home hides, so no delivery is necessary. You can check them out here.

7. Dinosaur Terrarium – £19.50


Anyone with a desk job can tell you they’d appreciate a little dinosaur to greet them in cold, breezy mornings. Beats talking to a forlorn mug of coffee anyway, especially around Christmas time. Passionate hatred for Jurassic creatures is pretty rare, so chances are this would be a cute and nifty surprise for a colleague or an office friend. They come with pre-seeded plants, so you needn’t worry about hunting seeds down. You can get them here.

6. Lush Sets – £10 – 15.00

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 14.37.22.png

Lush always surprise fans with glorious Christmas combinations. Bath bombs, Yule soaps, lip scrubs and potions, anything and everything can be found in one of their gift sets, which also happen to be extremely affordable and beautifully wrapped. There’s just no losing in this situation – be clean, smell good and love your body. You can check them out here.

5. Best Mate/Parent/Sibling Vouchers – £3.00


Living away from the people you love can be difficult at times. Sooner or later nostalgia takes over and things can get a bit sad. However, Knockout’s vouchers for friends and family are the perfect post present. Slap them in an envelope, stick a stamp on it and let’s go! Surprise mail with a promise of adventure is always welcome, no matter how far you are. You can get them here.

4. Screen Wipe – £8.99

Is everyone around you using normal screen wipes? They’re so boring and outdated, I mean 2012 has been over for a long time. Here come the most adorable hand ‘puppets’ instead, and guess what, they are lemon-scented, too, so nothing’s lost in the equation. You want a pug? Get a pug. Your mum likes squirrels? Done deal. Koala for Betty and a rabbit for Jim, everyone gets a go. Check the variety here.

3. Muffin Top Muffin Cases – £12.99


For all my baking champs out there, I present to you the most charming, yet cheeky muffin holders. Here, have an ambiguously offensive, but somewhat giggle-inducing treat with your breakfast! Having a touch more fun when starting your day never hurt anybody. Not when dessert’s this funny. Check them out here.

2. Moleskin Fandom Diary – £10 – 15.00



Here’s the thing about Christmas – it marks seven days before the year’s end. So, why not, in the spirit of new beginnings and practicality, invest in a cute pocket helper for you best friend? Moleskin offers 2016 organisers for a vast horizon of fandom options, which cover classic franchises such as “Star Wars” and “The Hobbit”. Cute, useful and unique. Check them out here.

1. Mustard USB Light Bulb – £8.45

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.53.08.png

Sharing a room can be daunting if your mate doesn’t like sleep as much as you do. Give them more than just a hint this Christmas with a USB light bulb. That way you can have darkness and they can still see the keyboard clearly and in their personal space. Thoughtful and problem-solving at the same time, this gift is a win-win. Buy it here.


This concludes my Christmas gift ideas. At least it’s not socks, am I right?

Stay awesome. Nine sleeps to go.

Megs x


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