Christmas Film Reviews Announcement

The fairy lights are up! Ginger cookies have officially become currency and eggnog is sipped by tired parents around the world in what could only be described as industrial quantities. The symptoms of Christmas have come tumbling through the boring lands of winter.

I have to admit, there is special bias reserved for my annual December months! The following thirty-one days of pure goodness happen to be my favourite time of year and not solely based on food reasons. Moreover, I’m sure that unconditional affection is shared throughout the kingdom, or at least I choose to firmly believe so in my mistletoe-covered heart. So, I have prepared a little blogging gift for the Santa fans in our frosty universe.


As a part of the celebrations, we can all admit to watching more than a few inevitable and overly cheesy films. There is nothing wrong with skipping a night at the club to enjoy some magical you-time in front of Netflix. God knows the weather outside is wretched, unless you live in the equatorial regions, which I sadly do not. London is my habitat and the winds would make a polar bear run for cover. I’m sure that can somehow be proven by smart people of science who agree with my point.

Anyway, shooting straight to the topic in question! In the twelve days leading up to that big morning of worldly joy and presents, I plan to post twelve unmissable Christmas film reviews. I’ll make sure to put them up nice and early so that you can plan the eve for toffee apple tea and mince pies. Rely on me, world, for I shall make the final countdown as screamingly festive as humanly possible, because that is the only way to celebrate X-to-the-mas.

Starting Sunday the 13th of December, you can expect the very first commentary on the classic Murray tale of “Scrooged”! Hope you’ll love and cherish it!

Ta-ta, lovely elves of Christmas spirits!

I’ll enjoy myself a bottle of mulled wine. Yes, I said “myself”, and no, I care not for judgemental remarks. As a grown elf, I can make grown elf decisions.

Stay awesome!

Megs x


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