Announcement of the Space Variety | Space Wordsmith

Hello, creatures of various planetary arrangements.

I know what you’re thinking and no… I wouldn’t say that in real life as far as I’m aware. For some reason I find that my poetic inclinations take a rather sharp turn when I write things on a blog page.

Word magic.

Anyway, as there was a bit of response to my “Entry Number Three” post, I thought I might mention my other blog – Space Wordsmith, which is the larger scale of that piece.

It’s a recent project, a diary of a woman who is on a mission in deep space. Although it was meant as fiction, I find that most of it stems from my real day-to-day life, which is then translated into space talk. I thought it’d be a cool, little read to have, so… Feel free to check it out if you enjoyed “Entry Number Three”.

That’s all for now! Stay awesome and I love you all.

Meggie x


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