Punk Kids Get Tattoos

My beloved mother’s cemented opinion of body art has been made abundantly clear to me over the past few months. The reason for our heated discussions on this kind of “decoration” is the fact that I am in the process of receiving my first blow. My tattoo virginity shall be taken within the next week and the emotions going through my mind right now are a mixture of three parts excitement and one part fear. Shaken, not stirred.

You’re no punk kid, you don’t smoke weed in festival tents, caressing the grass with your free hand. You’re not a rebel. You don’t cause trouble. You don’t get into bar fights over motorcycle brands and you’re not a prisoner on gang-related charges.

See, as a part of the younger generation, I fail to see the issue. I understand that the times are ever-changing. Things once considered obscene such as tatts (I’m one of the cool kids, I can shorten it) and piercings are making their way into common society more and more. And that’s the scary part for conservative parents. As soon as you get a tattoo, you’ll get addicted, you’ll start getting more and more and soon enough there’ll be more ink than skin. You’ll get into the use of drugs and the practise of anarchy and you’ll sink into a dark sub-culture that there is no cure for. You’ll spiral into degradation.

The culture of body arts has evolved in so many ways, both technically and creatively. The tools used in the olden days, the dirty myth-creating tools, which allegedly helped spread diseases are facing extinction. The rusty nails and hammers have been discontinued from use, I have been informed. Especially with the swift dotting of new professional tattoo parlours on the world map, which are dedicated to using sterile and safe needles on their clients. The designs have also changed to the Moon and back with a great variety of styles, from traditional and tribal, to post-modern, new age, cartoon, even reaching the distant galaxy of water-colour impressions. Have you ever looked at your child’s acrylics painting and thought, “Yeah, that’s gonna look amazing on my left elbow”? Anything you want can be imprinted on your skin. Not just the skull with the scary knife, but also the gentle, almost invisible water-lily on the inside of your wrist.

Well, kids, I fully support your decisions on whatever you’d like to do to your own body. You have been given it for your birthday, and hey, it’s legally yours, so… Knock yourself out. Just remember to stay safe and out of shady alley ways, health comes first, radical body modifications come a close second.

Stay safe and stay awesome,


P.S. The statement that once tattooed one could no longer donate blood is false. A tattooed/pierced individual can in fact make a donation as long as they have been in sparkling health four months after the procedure. You’re welcome.


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